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The 90th National FFA Convention was held in Indianapolis, Indiana from Oct.25-28th.  Mt. Everett FFA brought 10 chapter members, advisor Danielle Melino, and chaperone Mary Hoover. Current FFA enrollment is 653,359 members and more than 64,000 members attended the convention. Everywhere you looked you saw FFA members proudly wearing their uniform of blue corduroy.

While at the convention, FFA members attend the career expo where they networked with some of the 500+ exhibitors representing agriculture companies, colleges, non-profits, and U.S. Armed Services. Mt. Everett students discovered numerous agricultural careers and explored opportunities in post secondary education and job training. Our students talked with representatives from companies including USDA, Caterpillar, PNEU Dart, American Veterinary Medical Association, Merck Animal Health, Bayer, Cargill, Continental Kennel Club, Merrick Animal Nutrition, and Purina. Our students also talked with professors, admissions counselors and students from colleges across the country. Upperclassmen gathered information about summer internships and scholarships. Chapter advisor,    Danielle Melino, gathered new materials and ideas for the classroom and chapter.

The career expo is organized by pathways aligned with the National Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Career Cluster Content Standards, allowing students to easily find exhibitors that work within their areas of interest. With a wide variety of educational seminars scheduled for the convention, students had opportunities to fuel their passion for agriculture, the environment, education, and leadership.

While attending the first opening session we heard from the National FFA officers and keynote speaker, professional boxer Laila Ali. We learned how our chapter members can transform their life and made an impact. All sessions have the feel of being at a rock concert with laser light shows, great music, and giant screens with videos and pictures from the convention. While at convention all students attend workshops that focused on careers in the industry and developing leadership qualities.

This trip included many firsts for our students as some had never traveled out of New England. All students had the chance to explore careers, meet fellow FFA members from across the country, learn valuable networking skills, try new things, and gained a deeper understanding of the FFA organizations history and purpose.


Thank you to our sponsors who helped make this trip affordable for our students:

Berkshire Taconic Foundation: Janet Eagle Fund

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation


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