Sheep Care & Showmanship

A collection of resources on sheep care, husbandry, and showmanship that I’ve collected.

Those of you showing this summer and fall – bookmark this page!

Shows this summer & fall

While we can’t show at these two shows, it would be worthwhile to go and check it out. Plenty to learn, sheep breeders, exhibitors, vendors, youth to talk to etc…

July 3- July 5 – Big E Mallary Complex FREE

July 10-12 – New England Sheep & Wool Growers Association

The following shows are local and low pressure. Let Mrs. Melino know if you want to show a Mt. Everett animal or your own. Start by looking at the resources on this page and then we can set up times to work with your animal.

Berkshire Fair – Saturday August 15th – Pittsfield MA. Low pressure show, youth only, Sam Hoover showed last summer.

Sheffield Fair – Saturday, September 12th – Sheffield MA. FREE






texas extension showlamb

UTAH extension 4-HLivestock_2005-01

The truth about grain_ feeding grain to small ruminants

Bloat in Ruminants_ Diseases of the Ruminant Forestomach_ Merck Veterinary Manual

TheField1950 article on Shropshire sheep


first aid kit


feeding sheep

ear tagging

Vaccinations for Small Ruminants docx



Preparing for a show – great resources!!:

4H Sheep Showmanship:

Sheep Showmanship:

Master showmanship contest:

Showmanship 4 step process:

Sheep Showmanship tips:

Sheep Showmanship clinic (long but good video):

Collection of 20 4H videos:

Collection of 12 videos:

Collection of 8 videos:


June showmanship workshop. An experienced sheep breeder & judge came and spent over an hour teaching Mt. Everett FFA members how to set an animal for showing. Madison Melino worked with “Rosebud”

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

FFA member Bria Wells brought her two lambs to the Sheffield Farmers market over the summer. Educational exhibit



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