State Convention

2019 convention schedule – draft 12 19-1

liability release 2019

2019 state ffa convention cde


Permission slips, forms, CDE signup and money is due by Feb. 11th – deadline is firm.


CDE Information:

Employment Skills

11th/12th grade – materials due Feb. 11th : job description, cover letter, resume

Novice Employment Skills

10th grade – materials due Feb. 11th : job description, cover letter, resume

job description

Employment skills handbook

Agriscience Fair – completed experiments- by Feb. 11th

agriscience fair handbook

agriscience fair program overview

agriscience fair program powerpoint

agriscience fair written report template_divisions 1-2

Prepared Public Speaking – Manuscript due by Feb. 11th



Quiz Bowl

Division I – Team of 4 – Sophomores

quiz bowl division i

Division II – Team of 4 – Juniors & Seniors

quiz bowl division ii

Reporter’s Scrapbook

reporters scrapbook



Division II – Individual Sophomores

Division III – Individual Juniors & Seniors

Team Division II – Team of two 10th/11th/12th graders

Event Format:

  1. Topics must be related to Agriculture or FFA
  2. Presentation time is 5-10 minutes
  3. Contestations will have 5 minutes for set up. Help from advisors/students is permissible.
  4. All Contestants must report to their event area 15 minutes prior to their assigned start time to check in. Failure to report will result in disqualification.
  5. FFA Official Dress must be worn. Aprons/Coveralls may be worn over official dress.
  6. Use of live animals must be approved by the State Advisor prior to convention. Students must arrange transportation for their animal to the Convention – day of event only
  7. Show specific skill in handling the subject and in coping with unexpected.
  8. Have a completed product to show

Idea Bank

  • How to buy a horse on a budget
  • PPE – Pre-purchase evaluation
  • Horse Grooming
  • Dog Grooming
  • Wrapping leg (horse)
  • Docking tails – issues, information (hair vs wool), methods, how to
  • Castration methods
  • Dehorning
  • Physical exam on an animal
  • Restraining an animal
  • Declawing a cat- issues, information, and how to
  • Fiber – skirt, wash, card, spin (show Baaay State Blanket)
  • How to make and use a drop spindle
  • Making cheese
  • DNA Extraction